Drawing Competition

Drawing Competition (Doodle & draw)
Jagannath International School organised free hand drawing competition for classes K.G to II on 17/04/2014. The main aim of their competition is to encourage the children to express their artistic skills and their creativity through art. The winners are:-

  1. Tanishq Class I A, Manvik Class KG B
  2. Priyal Class I B, Sanna Class K.G A
  3. Masuma Walia Class II A, Kanishka Class K.G B

Self Introduction Competition
JIS organised a Self Introduction Competition for preschool kids on 23/04/2014. Introducing oneself to the world is an art. The exposure of this kind will boost the confidence of children and help them to be more social. Children were anxious and were feeling proud as they had to talk about themselves on this day. The winners are:-

  1. I Swayam Mishra Class K.G B
  2. Divleen Kaur Class K.G A
  3. Agam Singh K.G B

Little Poets – Poem Recitation Competition
JIS organised Poem Recitation Competition on 15/05/2014 for Classes Nursery to II. The aim to organise this competition is to encourage the students to participate and to develop their linguistic skills. The children were dressed up accordingly and performed excellently on stage. The winners for the same are:-

  1. Kuljot Kaur Class II B , Agam Singh Class KG B
  2. Vanshika Goyal Class II B , Nishta Dhull Class K.G A
  3. Vaishnavi Chugh Class I B, Hridhay Bhaskar Class K.G A

English Reading Competition
Reading Competition was organised by Jagannath International School for the Classes I and II on 23/07/2014. The main aim to organise this competition is to encourage the children to devote more time to reading books and to help children to improve their vocabulary, listening, spelling & reading skills. The winners for the same are:-

  1. Palak Bansal Class II A
  2. Shefali Miglani Class I B
  3. Kunal Batra Class II B

Show & Tell
JIS organised “Show & Tell” completion for Class K.G & Nur. The main aim for organising competition was to enhance the linguistic skills of children to raise their confidence level & our toddlers performed outstandingly & winners for the same are:

  1. Souhaard Jaggi Class Nur. B, Kannan Gupta Class K.G B
  2. Rudraksh Bhatia Class Nur. B, Agam Singh Class K.G B
  3. Tanmay Arora & Rijul Nandwani Class Nur. B, Rupashi Salaria Class K.G B

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