You Too Are A Poet

Once upon a time, William Wordsworth gave a perfect definition of poetry. He defines Poetry as “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility” and therefore, his definition clearly highlights the prominence of a poem.


Ballad 1


Once upon a time,
there lived a girl.
In the city of lights,
who was just nine.

Each day as the Sun set,
she watched her father growing dread.
Lonely, afraid and hurt she felt.
Her feelings! She could not express.

Her father used to scream-
“Go! And buy me a drink!
Or else, a bad fate to you is what I’ll bring!”
The ’lil girl was scared beyond words,
her little heart shivered  like small weak birds.
As her mother, who left her behind
in the path of life,
with a man who had a beast inside.

One day, she was begging on the roadside,
A woman came to her with pride.
She asked the ’lil girl-
“What is the fear in your heart lie
which I can see in your eye?”

“My father, a drunkard.
does not send me to school,
Though I desperately want to shoot,
The stars that I dream every night.
To be an officer and wear suit and boot,
to earn money so good, and make a future so bright.”
-said the girl with a sigh.

The good lady saw shimmer in her eyes.
And understood the passion of success that lay inside,
She admitted her to one of the best school.
The little girl there got nurtured, cared and groomed.
The little girl left her father forever.
About her he too didn’t bother.

After a decade, the ’lil girl,
Grew up to be a great manager.
She owned a car, a house and fame.
And she got success in lightening her name.


Ballad 2

Once upon a time,
by the sound of a wind chime.
A damsel woke up in the morning,
saw from the window, a strange galloping.

Far away on a white horse,
riding on the road so coarse.
There was a handsome prince,
whose charisma was so easy to convince.

She observed him from her tall fort,
wondering he belonged to which of the court.
She had no way to communicate with him,
as her power was too less than her vim.

Her fort was in an enchanted wood,
having nothing over there very good.
Greenless trees, completely brown,
gave her nothing but a big frown.

Still forgetting about the place she belongs,
just feeling some romantic songs.
She kept on admiring that handsome man,
without knowing that for her it was ban.

A beautiful girl residing alone,
without other place where she could have gone.
Lonely place with witches and elves,
who were not her friends but evil themselves.

After so long she had smiled,
forgetting her sorrows which she had piled.
But her smile turned very light,
when the prince went out of her sight.

Coming back inside once again,
feeling frustrated because of terrible pain.
She couldn’t find the reason for the hex,
that had kept her life, under a great vex.

Miracle happened when she heard a sound,
on her door, someone was near around.
Knowing her incapability of finding it,
she felt herself, a complete nitwit.

Door get opened itself, to her surprise,
how it happened, she wondered twice.
There was standing the same prince,
who took her heart in the previous glimpse.

Stepping inside, he asked from her,
If she could marry the latter.
Being totally baffled and astounded,
she thought about the place where she was bounded.

All her doubts came to end,
when a fairy appeared as her friend.
The girl who was trapped in a strange curse,
her destiny was written in a terrible verse.

For being so pretty, she was cursed by a witch,
whose cunningness the maiden couldn’t ditch.
The coming of prince for the girl’s fantasy,
led to the destruction of witch’s necromancy.

That was the only remedy for her bane,
which released the girl from all the pain.
The prince told her how did it all go,
he fell for her, when saw her near the window.

Finally there came everywhere happiness,
of the handsome prince, the girl became princess.
Without any sorrow and further disaster,
with her prince she lived happily ever after.


Ballad 3
Today was a fairytale
Today was a fairytale,
You were the prince.
I lived in a castle full of wings…
You took me by the hand
and flew me to the fairyland
It was a fairytale…

I used to feel abandoned,
full of doubts…
Lived a life, dry as the draughts…
You took me by the hand
and showed me how
The beauty of the world and places looks wow!
It was a fairytale…

You used to be care free
Man full of life,
Made me sure, that I’ll be your wife…
Little did I know
to us what life’s gonna show
But it was a fairytale…

It was night and you needed to go,
I held your hand and told you “no”
You promised me you’d be around,
My happiness got turned into a frown
We cried a little and died inside…
The man inside him wanted to reside…
Though the moment was like a tale,
I felt it was a fairytale…

One year passed, no trace of him,
the atmosphere around me was too firm
May be he lied and doesn’t know how it feels…
Tears came down rolling like reels.
Passed one day, one month, one year.
I felt now our end was near…
The glow on my face slowly turned pale,
But that day felt like a fairytale…

One morning I sat in the balcony,
thinking about life and the tragedies
It was then that it caught my eye
A fine man walking wearing tie.
My eyes grew big, for it was him,
Yes he returned, his feelings were real
It was a fairytale…

I ran towards him, hugged him tight
as nobody made me wait so for so many nights.
He knelt to the ground
while I stood astound,
he pulled out a ring and a note saying,
“I love you, will you mind marrying?”
It was a fairytale…

I said ‘yes’ my dreams seemed clear
Asked him “Where was you last year?”
He told me about disease he did have
Finding its cure, he was getting mad.
It was then I realized,
The wait I did was too worthwhile…
He is the prince,
I’m the princess
Again it is a fairytale…




There was a man, so fine and rich,
who had a little son named as Stich.
The man took his son for a walk one day,
he met someone who had many things to say.

Meanwhile the son went away to play,
an evil man came with a sack on his way
The son was kidnapped, the weather grew pale,
coz of absence of son, the dad could not inhale

He went too quickly and reached police station
without taking time he revealed his sad situation
The police asked for time, to find the little child
but father was tensed as his heart was too mild

He went to a wizard
who was sharp like a leopard
he was given a spell,
to be recited on a dell

The man went to home, after completing the prayer,
he wondered about the spell which was extremely rare.
He slept too early and prayed once again,
his heart was in despair, full of pain

A new day came, he woke up quickly
and saw on the bed, child sleeping peacefully
The spell did work, the son was back,
the wizard had vanished the days of black




Through a thick forest, once two friends were travelling,
thinking of their friendship as a perfect blessing.
For each other they were the perfect companions,
but in future they had to pass certain examinations.
After some hours came a time,
their friendship had encountered with a tragic rime.
Coming near them was a huge fierce bear,
creating in their heart a lot of fear.
Without caring for his companion
the first one ran away
to climb the tree standing on the way.
Pretending to be dead, closing his eyes, without a sing sound,
the second lay down cleverly on the ground.
The bear came to him with severe eyes,
smelt his hand which was cold like an ice,
went away thinking that the man was dead,
the bear wasted no more time and simply fled.
After some time, the first one came down from the tree
to ask how the bear did let other one free.
The man answered with a smile,
“Your ignorance made me too fragile.
 I can’t recall an encounter with bear,
all I know is I’ve lost a dear.”
The man said this and turned back to go,
the latter was ashamed and now felt low.
The god had shown the true picture to them,
Everyone can’t love each other like a gem.


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