Your school has been a second home for the kids

Both my children have been studying at “Jagannath International School” since their play school time and are still continuing for their higher class tuition.
The method of teaching I find though different, is effective and good. The concepts are thoroughly grasped by the children, forming a strong base for their higher classes.
My daughter and son have been able to perform well at class due to your teaching. In addition to the teaching you have also installed a sense of discipline and accountability that shows as being well mannered groomed. Apart from the academics you have been able to install an interest in activities such as painting & drawing and good confident communication in English at the pre-school age that has helped in an all round development. Your providing individual attention to each child I feel has been necessary at that early stage.
Your school has been a second home for the kids, I thank you and only you for giving my kids a strong foundation, an atmosphere where learning was fun, with motherly affection.


Sneha Waghmare

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