Director’s Message

riteshguptaEducation these days is neither easy nor low priced. Cut throat competitions have further made students’ lives formidable putting them in a tight position. My vision of education is to make our future generations, in the words of Gandhi Ji, perfect human beings to begin with. I want all my students to become the gems of the society, a symphony of all good values of head, hand and heart. Learning comes naturally to them and self reliance is their primary aim. I advocate the kind of education that would require not only the textual knowledge but would also promote among students the spirit of enquiry, conflict resolution, problem solving, empathy, anger management, time management, confidence, compassion and natural quest for learning. The idea of perfect education is not to produce merely excellent professionals but more importantly to produce the people of thought & action who work relentlessly for their personal growth as well as for the progress of the society, thus contributing substantially to make this world a better place to be in, who enjoy endlessly to keep themselves in high spirits and lend smiles to others. In today’s competitive and stressful professional environment, education needs to provide a pedestal to our students where they are heard, understood and cared for, nurturing the creativity and imagination in them. The educators become facilitators in this process of teaching & learning. In such type of educational setting, discipline and social values are not taught but imbibed as virtues that grow from within.

With these thoughts and concepts, we have envisioned Jagannath International School. We have a strong belief that our sincere efforts in this direction can shape a better future of our children. So let’s all join our hands together to share our children’s dreams and be a motivating force to realize those dreams, for today’s dreams are tomorrow’s realities.

Mr. Ritesh Gupta
Jagannath International School

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